Jan 18

Product Review Wednesday! 1-19-17

I have recently started working at Corporate Recognition.  Part of my training is to play with and research our promotional marketing products.  There are thousands upon thousands of products!  The promotional marketing industry is new territory for me, and I have been blown away, daily, by the many ways one can market their business with promotional products.  One item that has caught my attention the past couple days is a 3-in-1 Lens Pro we carry ($6.99-$8.99).  It comes with a wide angle lens, a macro lens, and a fish eye lens.  Yesterday we set up our huge expo display, so I took pictures of it with the fish eye and wide angle lenses.  I also shot videos and took a selfie.  I am attaching all images, but we’ll see if I can get the videos to upload.


If you’re a business owner looking for a unique gift to give to employees or customers, you might want to consider this.  You can place your company logo on the protective case.  This item will leave a lasting impression because no one will want to get rid of it!

Here is what I discovered about my play time with the different lenses.  The clip you use to attach the lenses to your phone is best used if your phone does not have a case on it.  You can use it on the front facing camera as well, though I’m not sure if its use was really intended for that, but it works!

Wide angle lens:  “Expands the field of view by 25%,” according to the instructions.  I think this would be great to have if you’re traveling and want to take pictures of vast landscapes, or if you’re at a concert.  Using it on the front facing camera makes for pretty nice selfies, though a little blurry because I don’t think it was really designed for that.  Personally, I will be using this lens most often when I’m at industry expos, or just taking images of new products and just about anything.  I will especially consider using if for selfies because it creates a nice slimming affect.


Fish eye lens:  “Captures up to a 180-degree peripheral view,” according to instructions.  This will make for awesome videos!  I was really excited to play with this lens.  I remember about 10 or 15 years ago when fish eye lenses were all the rage with extreme athletes documenting a wave or mountain they were trying to dominate.  I didn’t try it out on the front facing camera because I don’t think my nose needs to look any bigger.  It does tend to round out or enlarge whatever is being focused on in the middle of the image.  Again, great for taking video, especially when at a concert, event or on vacation.


Macro lens:  This lens will magnify objects when up close by 10x.  It does say to get the camera within 1/2″ to 1/4″ near the object.  This makes for an interesting, artsy look.  I will use this a lot too when showing intricate product detail.


Jan 16

MLK Day on #MotivationMonday

Today we met to discuss the success we had in our previous year. During our meeting I was distracted by ideas for #MotivationMonday on our social media pages. Trying to imagine unique ways to make us stand out online. Clearly, not fully paying attention to the meeting in front of me. Ryan, one of the owners, briefly mentioned our success in 2016, but wanted us to understand why today was more important than recognizing our accomplishments. It is a day set aside to honor a man driven by motivation, fueled by perseverance, and blessed with the gift of speech. His speeches were so inspiring they created a community out of a nation. This American man wanted to achieve the American dream. His dream. The dream of a nation, a home, where he felt free enough to be himself and accepted as an individual with respectable and equal rights. Today many of us rolled out of bed, wishing for one more day off, not wanting to go back to work and fight through the weekend fog. The fog that makes us selfish. Thinking only of our wants to get us through the day. I was in this fog. Today is special and I almost lost sight of that. Ryan also caught my attention when he asked us to let go of what holds us back in order to be successful in 2017. The fog was holding me back and I needed to focus on this day. I needed to reevaluate my motivation and break free from what keeps me down. Even now, I worry about what I’m writing. Am I writing anything inappropriate? Did I use the correct word and am I placing my company in the best light? I’m holding myself back with doubt. Today, I’m going to use Martin Luther King as my inspiration to break out of my self doubt. I don’t think Mr. King was held back by much. Martin Luther King had the ability to unify people. He fearlessly shed light on controversy and walked bravely toward adversity. He proved to a nation that with a strong will, one’s voice will be heard. One person can be trusted to speak on behalf of many. Today, we at Corporate Recognition, honor Dr. King for his bravery to let go of what held him back and move toward his goal. What motivates YOU today?

Apr 13

National Volunteer Week!

Volunteers across the country give hundreds of thousands of hours of their time every year… how are you recognizing them? Regardless of whether or not your company or organization relies on volunteers to operate, you use volunteers all the time. Think about that administrative assistant who takes extra work home or takes on “special projects.” Think about the manager who stays late or plans events to better connect with his/her employees.  Many employees come in early to spruce up the office by taking out the trash mid-week or bringing in flowers. These are often thankless jobs. Consider an award or gift! This doesn’t have to be expensive.. something as simple as a coffee mug with their name engraved, or a clothing item with the company logo, a picnic set, or bottle of wine are often enough to show your gratitude, and won’t cost you or your company a lot of money! Otherwise, create an incentive program that includes award levels. Check out our website for award ideas!



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