Humpday Inspiration – Leadership Edition

Today Kate and I went to a webinar that was sponsored by Express Employment called “Refresh Leadership.”  The intention of the event was to teach us how to be better leaders, team players, and to look for synergy.  My biggest takeaway is that I should reevaluate my strengths and figure out my weaknesses.  We can all work better when we play by our strengths.  I could write a short story about everything I took away from today’s seminar, but I’ll just stick to a couple things.

Patrick Lencioni –

 Patrick discussed the three core virtues that create the Ideal Team Player.  Those virtues are:  Humble, Hungry, and Smart (emotionally intelligent).  His message was that we need to rank ourselves on those three virtues.  Then, kindly remind one another when we falter and let that weakness guide us.  For example, I know I AM humble, but I would say among the three, it is ranked the lowest.  I tend to get really focused with MY work, and MY goals, I forget to stop and ask people about them.  In the last couple of years I have stopped myself when making phone calls or sending emails.  I don’t HAVE to get to the point of the conversation immediately.  I can ask the individual about their day, get their name, and slow it down.  This has been especially effective in sales.  People notice when YOU take notice of them.

Robyn Benincasa-

Robyn really stole the show.  She is even more positive, upbeat, and energetic than myself!  I’ve actually been told (not at Corporate Recognition of course) that I need to tone it down a little in the mornings.  Not everyone is on my level at 8am.  Her portion was about how to overcome adversity and think outside of the box for a solution.  She had some great examples from her days as a World Adventure Racer.  She said not to look at adversity or obstacles as roadblocks, but as a challenge.  “Seek synergy everywhere.”  Look for ways to work WITH your team’s strengths and weaknesses.  Her best example of this was when her World Adventure teammate took a look at their team just before they were about to take off, and assessed everyone’s physical capabilities.  He knew the men could move more quickly with more weight in the packs than Robyn.  In order to have her move faster, he lightened her load and redistributed their gear.  They ALL moved at the same pace instead of the stronger ones leading, then having to wait for the slowest to catch up.  Sounds so simple, right?

I hope you enjoy this shot of motivation to get you through the rest of the week!  I know I sure did.  Also, we have Friday off in recognition of Good Friday.  So, I only have one day left and a three day weekend to look forward to :) .


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