Is your company environmentally conscious?

We were rearranging our new products display today, and I came across a product I hadn’t seen before.  I wasn’t the only one to “Oooh and ahhh” over it.  Do you take notes in a notepad or on post-its when your desk phone rings?  Wouldn’t it be nice to significantly reduce the paper waste JUST from scribbling notes around your office?  Now you can!  With these dry erase pads that come in 3 convenient sizes.  Personally, I like the XL size.  You can just erase your scribbles at the end of the day!  You can display your full color logo on all options.  Starting quantity is 100 and prices range from $4.79 – $6.37.  REMEMBER!  Desk items, tote bags, and apparel provide the most advertisement.

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