Millennials: your #targetmarket

How are you trying to reach your target market?  On what are you spending your advertising and marketing budget?  Personally, I believe you want a well-rounded marketing plan that includes a combination of several different media for advertisement like print, radio, billboard, and/or Google ads (or online ads in general).  However, if it were my business, I would put more of my advertising budget in promo products.  The generation with the most purchasing power and the WANT to spend are Millennials.  According to a recent study done by PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), Millennials comprise about 89.2 million people in the workforce.  Millennials are driven to purchase through engaging experiences.  Are your marketing campaigns engaging or passive?  Millennials pay for subscriptions to music streaming apps, they subscribe to video streaming, they are disengaging from Facebook, all to avoid commercials and advertisements.  Ads and commercials are interruptions to what you’re currently enjoying.  These advertisements may appeal to some consumers, but Millennials will openly avoid them.  I recently went to a multimedia presentation by Mike Blinder and he said something along the lines of, “If your target market isn’t driving past the tree you posted your “For Sale” sign on, figure out where they’re driving!  If you’re looking for Millennials (ages 18 to 35), you need to promote the experience your services offer by GIVING them an engaging experience.  Promotional products can do just that.  Give them something they will use again and again.  Millennials are also environmentally conscious.  Meaning they have a good understanding of where their garbage goes.  When you give them a promotional product like a tote bag, screen cleaner cloth, or t-shirt you can expect they will keep it for up to a year (according to PPAI research – 2017).  If they don’t want it, they will re-gift the item or donate it.  Prolonging the life and advertisement of your business.  You also need to consider practicality because of their environmental awareness.  Make sure your promotional product WILL be used.  There has been a huge shift in living a minimalist lifestyle, and Millennials are on board!  There are shows, documentaries, and blogs dedicated to this lifestyle movement.  When most Millennials shop, they consider the practicality of their purchases.  Choose a promotional product that supports the image and purpose of your brand.  Make sure it is of good quality, so your target market (Millennials) will hold on to it longer.  Right down to the pens with your business name, logo, and contact info on it.  Cheap is cheap, and if you’re handing out a pen that doesn’t write well, or runs out of ink in a month, you’re killing the longevity of your advertisement, and losing out on potential customers.  Personally, I am a Millennial.  Here is my example.  I have been going to the same salon for almost ten years.  I have a personal friendship with my stylist, but it was developed through the experiences I have had since I started going there.  The salon keeps a fishbowl of the BEST lip balm on their front desk.  When I pay at the counter, I always take one.  I probably get four sticks of lip balm a year.  It all boils down to the experience I associate with the salon.  Good quality service, affordable, and relaxing atmosphere.  I consider the lip balm my “free gift with purchase.”  At Corporate Recognition, we pride ourselves on being YOUR marketing solutions experts.  Schedule a meeting with us and we will put together a marketing campaign meant to keep your customers coming back for your services.

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