What does imprint space mean?

The imprint space is basically the size of your “ad space” on an object.  On a pen, this space is extremely small (1 3/4″ W x 1/2″ H).  A space this size can usually sustain text as large as 12 point font.  It will be as legible as if on a sheet of paper.  So, the imprint space is the space in which your artwork (decoration/logo/business information) will be printed.  Pens usually have the smallest imprint space with which we have to work.  Consider the information you want in that tiny space.  Anything below 7 point font will be illegible on a pen unless you put your eye an inch or so away from the logo.  Imprint space sizes come in ALL shapes.  Summer is coming and that means larger imprint spaces around here!  Cooling towels, bandannas, beach towels, big tote bags to hold all those beach towels, and t-shirts (plus so much more).  Think of these items as your marketing canvas.  Get creative!  You can have MORE than just your logo and contact info.  For example:  a lot of customers get creative with their bandannas.  Many places like to print their business info and maps on them.  Making them dual purpose!  Plumbers could give out beach towels to their customers with their business info and a safety checklist.  Making them ironic!  People keep towels forever.  They will see your advertisement EVERY time they dry off their kids after bath time, or when they have to soak up the water on the bathroom floor after the toilet overflows.  Think about what type of services you offer.  Use the extra space to tell your customers!  We use full color screen cleaner cloths that I mail out to customers and potential customers.  Our Graphic Designer makes them look sharp with our diamond logo, and adds a list of items on which we can imprint, different marketing ideas, and/or he’ll place pictures of some of our greatest imprinting accomplishments.  I hope this gives you a glimpse into the world of promotional products.  Imprint space is probably not something to cross your mind when you decide to get logo’d Yeti mugs for your sales team.  If you are considering developing a logo, this is great knowledge to have.  Understanding you need to be able to pack a punch in a small space is important.

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