#TBT We’re 20 years old this year!

The year was 1997 and it was a lovely spring.  Pam says Corporate Recognition was born in the beginning of April.  Inspired by her previous employer, Black Forest in Owatonna, Pam and Ryan decided to name the business Corporate Recognition.  Black Forest is a metals, fine gifts, and jewelry fabricator and supplier.  She actually got to help with the Supper Bowl ring won by the Denver Broncos in 1996.  She and Ryan knew there was a demand by large, medium and small businesses for the type of services they wanted to offer.  They wanted to distribute more than just pins and jewelry, so they did!  They wanted their customers to view their business as an award and recognition company.  The diamond represents our quality, excellence and appearance.  When you think of being a preferred customer as part of the “Diamond Rewards” club, you think of prestige.  So, that’s how we got our name!  If we were actually a twenty year old young adult, we would be obsessed with Snapchat, possibly a junior in college, living with our parents and most likely working part-time, and busy maintaining a very active social life.  Here is look at what was going on twenty years ago according to Cosmopolitan.

Titanic was the #1 movie in December.

Backstreet Boys released Backstreet’s Back (alright!) in August

JLo played the iconic role of Selena.

Aqua released Barbie Girl.  This was my favorite song to skate to at the skating rink!

Hanson released MMMBOP 

Air Bud hit the movie scene!

Good Will Hunting broke our hearts and blew our minds.

Shania Twain referenced Brad Pit in Man! I feel like a Woman


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