Wednesday Marketing Minute

Last week we had an inspiring presentation by Raining Rose, the Lip Balm Company.  They truly have an excellent marketing team and deliver some awesome ideas for growing your business.  Have you been struggling to increase your social media following?  Try a raffle!

If you run a bank, give customers a complimentary hand sanitizer, or sell them.  Place your logo and information on the item along with a raffle number.  Or, get creative and make it look like your bank’s debit card with the raffle number being the card number.  Tell your customers to go to your Facebook page and post their raffle number in the comments on a specific post you create.  At the end of the week (or month or whenever) draw a number and post the winner.

You run a grocery store.  Many people are starting to use grocery totes instead of plastic bags.  Give away, or sell totes for a raffle.  The totes can be printed with your logo and a raffle number.  Do the same thing as the bank example.  Except, every time your customers use their tote bags, they get 10% (or whatever discount you’re comfortable with) off on their entire order.

You run a salon.  We have these adorable rectangle shaped nail files!  They can be given out like a business card, and you can write appointment reminders on them too.  Place a raffle number on them, and hold a drawing at the end of the week.  Document the process on Facebook with a Facebook Live post!

Give us a call and we can develop a marketing solution for you!  More business for you, means happy customers for us!

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