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Why is a corporate recognition  program important to my business, you may ask?

Many businesses spend their time and money looking for ways to hold onto their customers. Don’t get us wrong—it’s important. However, the Key Element that keeps customers coming back or referring the business to others is often forgotten. That key element: ENGAGED EMPLOYEES.

If you want your business to thrive, you need employees who don’t just show up to work, but actually like their jobs! Employees who are engaged build better products, help maintain a positive working culture, represent the company’s goals and beliefs, and offer better customer service and experiences.

Creating a Corporate Recognition program can offer a way for your business to transform a regular employee into an Engaged Employee.

These Reward programs can take many forms, including:

Recognition programs for that employee who didn’t miss a day of work this year, or awards for those who reach their 5, 10, 15, or 20+ years of employment.

Programs like these not only show that your business is paying attention to their coworker’s attendance and tenure, but they also help to create, honor, and promote a culture where these values become important to everyone. Employees who have stayed the course provide knowledge and experience that should be recognized.

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Incentive programs for coworkers coming up with better/safer practices or innovative ideas in the workplace that can save time and money.

Programs like these help create a culture where looking for a solution to a problem or making work environment safer become more important than just focusing on the problem in a negative light. A small gift as a thank you is a small price to pay for someone who has just made your business more efficient or safer for everyone.


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But it takes integrity to build a positive culture! To create Engaged Employees, you need to not only build programs like these– you need to mean it. Most businesses have tried a Rewards and Recognition program at some point, and whether they fly or fall all depends upon management’s ability to establish credibility. If you think the program, gifts, or awards alone are going to make your employees feel valued you might as well stop now before you start. It takes integrity to create buy-in. It takes genuine care when you ask how they are doing. It takes time (even if only for a brief 20-30 seconds) to not only hear but listen to their response. It takes a “thank you” or “good job” to let them know they are valued.

At Corporate Recognition we not only want to deliver the products you need to make your business successful both internally and with your customers. We want to help you establish these programs, give you input on how to get started, and do the leg work when searching for that perfect product to represent your company.

If you want more information on establishing these programs or learning more of what we have to offer, just give us a call or send us an email.

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